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Vietnamese: Ha Long

Ha Long, a comfortable, subterranean restaurant near Goetheplatz, cooks up a fine, consistently good selection of Vietnamese dishes. Some top choices from the menu include crisp, whole trout in a pungent ginger sauce (€ 14), grilled beef with peanuts and rice noodles (€ 15.50) and, occasionally appearing as a special item, lobster with garlic, shallot, lemongrass and coriander (€ 17.80). If you are looking to add a little spice to your life consider ordering the piquant beef with vegetables (€ 12.30) or the fiery tofu and mixed vegetable curry (€ 11.30)—but be warned: these dishes are hot. At the other end of the heat spectrum are the egg noodles with tofu, chicken or beef (€ 12.30). The velvety richness of egg and the refreshing crunch of bean sprouts create a satisfying combination despite an overwhelming amount of nearly raw onions. Unlike their Western counterparts, many Asian cuisines give little thought to dessert, so it’s hardly surprising to find just a handful of sweets on the menu. Ha Long dresses up the standard fried banana in vanilla ice cream, crushed peanuts and flaming rum (€ 5); for something more unique try the bananas stewed in coconut milk (€ 4.50).
Opening hours:
Mon.–Fri., 11:30 am–2:30 pm & 5:30 pm–12 am; Sat. & Sun., 5:30 pm–12 am

Goethestr. 68
80336 Munich

How to get there:
U3/6 Goetheplatz

Phone: (089) 53 09 321

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