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Theater Masks

Through April 29:
The German Theater Museum currently exhibits extraordinary pieces by one of Germany’s most renowned make-up artists.

Mask Utzt 276x

The name of Wolfgang Utzt may only mean something to an exclusive group of theater insiders. Nevertheless, Utzt is among the few, who can proudly claim to have written German theater history. As a make-up artist he has realized the visions of legendary directors such as Heiner Müller, Robert Wilson and Thomas Langhoff. Thanks to these congenial collaborations, Utzt has created an oevre of masks that exert a fascination of their own beyond their first and foremost use as stage props. A selection of Utzt's mesmerizing masks are currently on show at the Deutsches Theatermuseum (German Theater Museum) along with sketches and some background information on the different and often surprising methods Utzt applies to create his pieces. For more information, visit


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