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Papa Schichtl

Through December 31:
The Beer and Oktoberfest Museum currently hosts an exhibition in tribute to one of the Wiesn's best known showmen—Michael August Schichtl.

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The oldest vaudeville theater on the Oktoberfest is the "Auf geht’s beim Schichtl" (Let's roll with the Schichtls) show booth.  The Schichtl family's roots as showmen go back to the 17th century, but especially Michael August Schichtl, who was born in 1869 is responsible for making the show booth a legend—at least on the Oktoberfest. All of his life, Schichtl lived for his little vaudeville theater and he also created the main attraction of the hourly 20-minute performances that is staged until today: the decapitation of a living person through a guillotine! Apart from his creativity as a vaudeville producer, Schichtl also became well known for his philanthropy. In order to spare his artists from poverty he paid all of them even during the off-season, for which his staff gave him the honorary title "Papa Schichtl". 

After Schichtl's death in 1911, the "Auf geht's beim Schichtl" show booth has only changed hands twice until today. Under the title "Papa Schichtl", the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum has compiled portraits of Michael August Schichtl, as well as historical pictures of one of the Oktoberfest's most charming fairground attractions. For more information, visit

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