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RischArt Project

October 11–October 30:
With the 11th edition of its annual art event, local bakery chain, Rischart, will question the shopping spree as one of the most popular leisure time activities in Western civilization.

Kunstrausch 276x

It may sound as a serious matter when an art project sets out to scrutinize contemporary shopping habits. This year's RischArt Project "Kunstrausch" (Art Spree), however, will take a lighter stance on the subject. In the west wing of the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, whose interior reminds of a 1920s department store, Kunstrausch will present the works of 18 German artists. The pieces on display will give new perspectives on shopping and consumerism often in humorous and unexpected ways. In line with the subject matter, the exhibition will be free!


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