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Renaissance Festival

August 26–August 28:
The Residence will revive its 16th-century past with several historical performances, a riding tournament and copious offerings of renaissance entertainment.

Morisque Dance 276x

In 1546 Anna of Austria, the daughter of Emperor Ferdinand I, married Albrecht V of Bavaria. Legend has it that because of her incredible beauty, Anna had been forced to wear a mask previous to her marriage. Also, Emperor Ferdinand challenged potential suitors of the European nobility to undertake several tests in order to prove themselves worthy of Anna's love.

Albrecht V turned out to be the most successful candidate and for his final test he extended an invitation to Emperor Ferdinand to his Munich residence. Just like Albrecht wished to impress his future father in law with his treasures and qualities as a perfect host, the Residence will treat contemporary visitors with a three-day spectacular. Each day during the festival, the story of Albrecht and Anna will be performed along with presentations of renaissance dance, music and martial arts. Other courtly entertainment will include juggling shows, guided tours through the Residence and a renaissance market. For more information, visit


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