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Paul Pfeifer

Through October 1:
The Goetz Collection has compiled the first solo presentation of American video and sound tinkerer, Paul Pfeifer.

Paul Pfeifer 276x

Video artist Pfeifer loves to apply himself to time-consuming and meticulous projects. One of his most favorite occupations is to manipulate found footage. One of his preferred techniques is to airbrush the most important subjects of the material away. In his installation "The Long Count", for example, the artist has removed both boxers of the two most legendary Muhammad Ali fights. Only the cheering audience remains visible. In "Caryatid", Pfeifer has eliminated an entire team, as well as the ball, from a soccer game, leaving players behind that run and stumble without a reason. With these mentioned clips, Pfeifer aims at sharpening the viewer's perception of mass media and its emotional influence. About 30 video and sound installations will be on display that Pfeifer has created since 1998. For more information, visit

Please note: The Goetz Collection is a private museum and visitors are required to register all attendances by calling (089) 95 93 96 90.

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