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Jews 45/90

Through June 17:
The Jewish Museum will present a two-part exhibition tracing the lives of Eastern-European Jews, who immigrated to Munich after World War II and, 45 years later, after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Jews 45 276x

The first part of the exhibition will be dedicated to the so-called DPs (displaced persons), who had to flee to Germany—of all places—and had to stay in refugee shelters before they could emigrate to Israel or other countries. Often, the refugees from Eastern Europe had to wait for months until relief organizations could help them or the political situation of different countries became clear enough to make the next move. In order to grasp this straining insecurity, the exhibition will be divided into a labyrinth of 9 different sections that will only reveal themselves once the visitor enters the next segment. On the second level the exhibition will especially focus on the refugee shelter Föhrenwall near Wolfratshausen, which existed from 1945-1957. This particular example will illuminate the everyday life of refugees in such a shelter.

The second part of the exhibition, which will open on July 11, 2012, will then deal with the fates of immigrants, who moved from Eastern Europe to Munich in the 1990s. For more information, visit


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