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Central Market Hall

Through July 15:
On the occasion of the centennial of Munich’s main wholesaling point for fruits, vegetables and flowers the Münchner Stadtmuseum will trace the history and illuminate the present of the market hall.



Most restaurants, supermarkets and specialist retailers in Munich obtain their fresh products from the Großmarkthalle (Central Market Hall) in the Sendling district. This central distribution point is Europe's third largest retailer on that field and proudly looks back on a 100-year history. Since the Großmarkthalle is open to professionals only, most Munich residents have never been inside the halls that occupy a large amount of space in the city. So, the exhibition at the Münchner Stadtmuseum is a great opportunity to conceive an idea of the market bustle. In fact, it was the wholesalers themselves who approached the Munich City Museum to give a comprehensive overview of their daily dealings. Apart from a contemporary documentary report, the museum will also exhibit historical footage of the market hall that has survived two wars and constant changes in local and international trade relationships. For more information, visit

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