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March 2001

Your Cup of Tea

Expat shopping

Your Cup of Tea A home away from home, offers British expats and enthusiasts of British products easy access to their favorite cravings. Founded by two former British soldiers in an attempt to cure expat homesickness, this site offers more than 1,500 British products, the most popular of which is Marmite (a pungent vegetable protein bread spread). The selection, which is arranged by “aisle and shelf”— few products are pictured, so you must be familiar with what you’re ordering — includes not only food items, but also health and beauty accessories, baby care products and even cleaning supplies. This “supermarket on the net” automatically bars you from buying goods that are illegal in the country to which items are to be shipped. Though all prices are inconveniently listed in pounds, the products are “all British and all ready for delivery to you,” in over 200 countries worldwide. Delivery time, which is indicated at the checkout, varies depending on the destination. In addition, five working days are required to process each order. Expatshopping is a great site for gift giving — these coveted goods can be shipped to third party addresses.

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