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March 2001

March March

St. Patrick's Day Parade

March March Join the stream of green flowing from Münchner Freiheit to Odeonsplatz on Saturday, March 17, at 15:00. Careening and crooning through the city, Munich’s sixth annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be led by its Grand Marshal, a majestic Irish Wolfhound and “St. Patrick” himself. Setting the tune are Scottish pipe bands from throughout Germany, followed by Irish music, dance, theater and sports groups and their Bavarian and international counterparts. Costumed frolickers in the form of walking beer glasses, known as the Picketing Pints, tempt Guinness guzzlers to hit the pubs and celebrate after the parade. The Munich Irish population and their friends have the Deutsch-Irischer Freundeskreis Bayern and Mayor Christian Ude to cheer for the planning — event organization and the permission to block off Leopoldstrasse — of this day of national spirit. For true patriots and partyers, the merriment begins the previous night (Friday, March 16), when revelers can ride the urban rails of Munich with the Irish Tram Party, which includes live Celtic music and stout.
For more information, call Cladda Getränke at (089) 32 62 094.

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