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October 2000

Buy a Thrill

Crime novel bookstore

There is a famous German hit song from the 1950s called “Ohne Krimi geht die Mimi nie ins Bett” (“Without a crime novel Mimi never gets to bed”).
If you are one of those Mimis, Glatteis, Munich’s first crime novel and thrillers-only bookstore, might be just the right thing for you. Located at Corneliusstrasse 31, on the corner of Baaderstrasse, the shop’s interior reflects its special interest for the dark side of life, with such fixtures as a portrait of James Elroy and draperies featuring a silhouette of a mysterious figure in a classic trench coat.
Innovative shopkeepers Monika Dobler and Gabriele Fauser are ready to assist in finding exactly the thrill you are looking for.
As Glatteis just opened its doors on September 7, the collection of English books has not yet reached its full capacity, but in the coming months, 25 percent of the store’s merchandise will be in English.
Additionally, monthly readings will be held, also by English authors. The first English reading will be by Nicholas Blincoe, but a date had not yet been determined at the time of this writing. For further information call 201 48 44, or just simply stop in to the shop for some frightfully good fun.

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